Paula Anta Madrid, 1977:

Paula Anta inhabits the landscape through her photography. She travels that landscape that extends before her in search of her mystery, haunted by a desire that does not allow her to remain at rest in the presence of something that escapes her. There is a determination in the way we stay in that place. In Paula’s case, the choice is given through the desire for continuity and the imprint specified by the ephemeral nature of her intervention.

Action on the landscape is nothing more than getting into this mechanism of transformation. On the other hand, it is exposing or rather, extracting a sensation within a gear in perpetual motion. The hidden becomes present through the imagination and the presence of that place. It also means identifying oneself with one’s own sensitivity, presenting oneself obliquely through the reflection offered by the image.

This is her contribution to the landscape: observe it, inhabit it, give it a new ephemeral appearance, too brief in some cases (the water in its flow does not leaves almost space for the simultaneous presence of the desiring gaze and the intruder solute). Identify it in the intact and fecund of its nature, alter it within its transforming dynamic. The importance lies in knowing how to identify in one’s own creative intuition the mystery of a place, even if it is unknown.

Paula Anta photographic work has been focused in the relationship between nature and structure from the point of view of artificiality, identification and history. Her work has been exhibited at the Contemporary Museum of Madrid and Barcelona, in the Center for Contemporary Creation Matadero (Madrid), in the DA2 Domus Artium Museum of Salamanca, in the Cultural Contemporary Center of Tabacalera (Madrid) or in the Royal Botanic Garden of Madrid. But also in other European countries, specially in Germany where she has worked with the curator Danièle Perrier, Director of Balmoral Castle, Dr. Peter Weiermair, Director of the Bologna Museum and Dr. Felix Semmelroth, Delegate for Culture of the City of Frankfurt, among others. In the last years she also has shown her work in France, in the specialised in Photography Center, Château d’Eau, in Toulouse or in the International University City of Paris.

Within the teaching activity, she is a PhD in fine arts from the Complutense University of Madrid within the European doctorate Programme, in collaboration with the University of Saarbrücken and the Universität de Künste in Berlin. He has taught and given lectures both in private entities (University School of Arts and Spectacles TAI, school of Image and sound CES, Higher School of communication, image and sound CEV), as in the Faculty of Fine Arts of Cuenca University of Castilla-La Mancha, in the Faculty of Fine Arts of Murcia, in the program of workshops of the Ministry of Education, Culture and sport, as well as abroad at the Hochschule für Gestaltung Offenbach (Frankfurt) or at the Cornell University in Rome.

Paula Anta also has several awards and scholarships like the Estampa 2016 Regional Authority of Madrid Award, VIII International Bienniale of Contemporary Photography “Pilar Citoler” Award, AENA Foundation Photography Award or the, among others. Especially important have been the FormARTE Scholarship for Visual Arts and Photography in the Spanish College in Paris and the Scholarship from Spanish Ministry of Foreign Affairs in the Spanish Academy in Rome.

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