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from December, 16th to January, 26th

Javier Torices - Sufres

Aurora Vigil-Escalera Art Gallery is pleased to present "Surfers" by Javier Torices (Madrid, 1968), the closing exhibition to this year's programing. The works that he presents on our walls from December 16, 2021 to January 26, 2022, the most recent creations from his studio made exclusively for his fourth solo show in the gallery manifest, once again, that Torices is one of the leading hyper-realistic painters on the contemporary art scene.

The Toledo-based creator began his artistic career in his father's workshopwith basic oil techniques before switching up to his signature acrylic on wood. In the search for his own style he explored the possibilities of abstract painting and later of urban landscapes, only to end up finding his passion and renown on the portrayal of the sea, with the occasional human figure as an anecdotal detail that in this exhibition is translated into the surfers who give the show its name.

In his paintings of slippery rocks, foam and water, he does not represent a fortuitous portrait, but rather the forms that the sea reveals to him. At different times and in different locations, while you contemplate and reflect in detail. Through the process of ignoring certain elements of the real landscape and adding some of his own imagination, of standing in the same place and contemplating for hours, he is able to create the most expressive and personal compositions, in which nothing is left to chance. The result is a landscape that has been observed, assimilated and reinvented. A real place that has been transformed by his eyes into a dialogue that invites those who contemplate it to become a participant.

It is the powerful emotional charge that the sea has that leads Torices to focus his pictorial production on it. Whether through foam-capped breaking waves, gentle seas, or nearby shores, his painting dazzles with its realism and sobriety. The outstanding way in which he captures the light in each brushstroke and the study of movement in such a complex but expressive medium immerses the viewer in a suggestive, overwhelming and completely intimate experience.

Everything Javier Torices does, what we can see in the gallery at Capua street, is born from a deep knowledge. Knowledge of the powerful act of painting, of the environment that he observes and imagines, of an ocean that he captures only to return it to all its strength, all its meaning to the board on which he slides his brushes with the sovereignty of a magician capable of making art out of truth. Torices’ oceans, the surfers that ride them and the light that is reflected in the water are uniquely his and his audience’s, with whom he shares the emotions that have led him to create.

Torices has shown his work in numerous exhibitions through Europe and Asia and has an extensive list of awards and honorable mentions in contests and competitions. His work is part of outstanding collections such as the European Museum of Modern Art in Barcelona, the Pérez-Guerra Museum in Huelva, the Art and Artists Foundation Collection in Barcelona, the Caja Segovia Collection, Axa Burgos, Caja Madrid, the Technical Engineers College, the Ateneo Cultural 1 May Collection and the Rafael Botí Plastic Arts Fundación.