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from March, 5th to April, 14rd

Paisaje Sorpresa: Sergio Femar y Francisco Mayor Maestre

Aurora Vigil-Escalera Art Gallery has the pleasure of introducing, for the first time in this space, a dual project by Francisco Mayor Maestre and Sergio Femar. The two young artists joined the gallery's roster in 2020 and, for a year, they have been preparing the pieces that will make up this show in which their very different artistic practices find a common dialogue.

With a decidedly contemporary plastic language, both artists explore the limits of painting and its relationship with space. Through an approach based on contemplation, their respective interests lead them to reflection and finally to study and creation. For both, the concerns regarding the saturation of consumable and disposable products and the loss of individuality in the face of a homogeneous urban mass, leads them to an exercise in metamorphosis in which color transforms space and a banal object becomes art and philosophy, freedom and sustainability.

Despite their different styles and approaches, Mayor Maestre and Femar are inevitably united by a social, reflective and colorful art with a great emphasis on materials and elements inspired by street art.

The childhood and adolescence of Francisco Mayor Maestre (Madrid, 1990) in Rivas-vaciamadrid was marked by daily trips to the capital in which he observed the changes in the landscape and the margins of the city. Faced with the excessive urbanization and real estate speculation, Mayor Maestre is attracted by the contrast between those gray workers buildings, with their indifferent, identical and impersonal order, and those small touches of color and personality that can be glimpsed as manifestations of the people who live inside. Curtains, flags, become, in the artist's mind, a show against monotony, a claim to individuality and a manifestation of the human being's passage through the world.

His painting floods the cold facades with splashes of color, overflowing vegetation and impossible planes, bringing the hidden to the forefront. Even those patterns that seem to escape figuration, take us halfway between interior decoration -a wall paper- and street art -one more way of decorating the building, albeit from the outside-.

Matter constitutes the basis, both physical and theoretical, of Sergio Femar's work (Pontevedra, 1990). Influenced by the changing nature of street art, tempered by the serenity of the work on an art studio, Femar's production is very aware of the physical and plastic elements that make it up, as well as its provenance.

During his childhood in Pontevedra, Femar often toured spaces such as shipyards, fascinated by those materials that had already served their purpose but still had so many possibilities. Now his work is based on wood findings -as well as many other materials-, reused and transformed into an artistic object.

This desire to make recycling a vital part of his discourse arises from a concern around the overexploitation of resources and the excessive speed with which human beings consume and dispose of "things." The desire to give a second life to these found materials incorporates a rich history into his pieces that is manifested in small shapes, indentations and textures that subtly guide their final arrangement, the application of color and even the emotional reaction of the viewer.