Ernesto Knorr - Certezas

from 10th May to 25th June

It is a pleasure to present the first monographic exhibition of Ernesto Knorr (Vitoria, 1957) in our gallery, "Certezas" (Certainties). For the artist, the title of the exhibition, which includes his most recent works, created ad hoc for this project, as well as a careful selection of pieces from recent years, symbolizes "that certainty that this is my world where I really feel at ease". This conviction leads him to want to show his way of working, his perspective of space and to want to share with all of us the sensations that sculpture produces in him.

Ernesto Knorr's abstract sculpture is the result of 46 years of research and constant work, and of strong historical roots based on his deep knowledge and admiration for avant-garde masters such as Jorge Oteiza and Eduardo Chillida. He has been closely linked to Asturias since 1982 and a large part of his public work can be found in the region, as well as in cities such as Madrid, Álava, Barcelona, Alicante and Valencia.

From his monumental pieces to the smallest, each work is the product of a tension between different volumes suspended in the air, the contrast between steel and emptiness. He himself declares about his work that it is born "from intuition, seeking to reflect on the aesthetics of creation, sharing subtle emotions".

The exhibition will be available at our gallery in Gijón from May 10 to June 25.

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