Javier Torices - Fragmentos

From Decemeber 22nd 2023 to February 24th 2024

We have the immense pleasure to inform you of our last exhibition of the year that will be in charge of JAVIER TORICES.

I think that almost all of you who follow us, know first hand his work, but for new followers I will tell you that this is an artist who captures like no one else the emotion, in this case the emotion we feel when we are facing the sea, its peace, tranquility, relaxation and sometimes restlessness when the sea, as in the case of the Bay of Biscay, deploys its fury and offers us its version of rough seas, huge waves that break forcefully on the cliffs and rocks and display an unparalleled beauty.

Well, Javier Torices, who has just presented a very important institutional exhibition in Casa de Vacas, in the Retiro in Madrid, with a record number of visitors and endless queues, returns to exhibit on the walls of his Asturian gallery for all of you and will be present at the opening to tell us about the process of his unique technique and will give us a short guided tour of the exhibition answering all your questions.

Sometimes, we need to look at the sea to feel that we are at home. The works of Torices, for their unequalled realism and technique, manage to open a window to the sea in the homes of many of our collectors who live in inland cities, feeling when contemplating them the incomparable emotion of being in front of the sea and all that this supposes of serene or disturbing beauty.

In any case, be sure to visit the gallery, seeing his work is always a cause for celebration and being able to have one in your collection is a reason for great joy.

Aurora Vigil-Escalera

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