Alejandra Glez + Paula Anta

24 de noviembre al 20 de diciembre

For this exhibition, Alejandra Glez (Havana, Cuba, 1996) and Paula Anta (Madrid, 1977) bring together several of their pieces in which they deal with the theme of the sea from an emotional and visual point of view.

Alejandra takes her work towards a personal path, the religious, its relevance and the need to make visible the damage caused by human activity. The sea is for her a symbol of motherhood; she is the daughter of Yemaya, goddess of the sea in the Yoruba religion. This spiritual bond links the artist to the oceans and their energies. Her cultural and geographical origins reinforce this link, this relationship that the artist explores through her work with the body and materials. Her work contains strong emotional components, while exposing the need to take care of our environments.

Paula Anta with several pieces of her project "UPROOT" approaches it from the uprooting, the loss or corruption of the roots and it supposes an estrangement or loss of vital sense.

The "Khamekaye" series was made on the Grande-Côte, a section of the Senegalese coastline stretching some 150 km from the north of Dakar to the mouth of the Senegal River. In this large area of beaches and dunes, structures made of branches, plastic, fishing nets and other objects can be seen from time to time, rising up in the middle of this vast expanse of sea, sand and vegetation. The chaos offers wonderful discoveries and little by little these tangled structures begin to acquire, before the spectator, more defined forms: animals, fantastic creatures, concrete beings, with arms, bodies, heads, in movement, in groups, even foreshortened.

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