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Rosa Brun - Materia y Luz

from 10th February to 18th April

Art contains an axiom that can only be contemplated from a clean gaze and the deepest breath. From the embrace of passion, purity and knowledge. A maxim that determines a necessary meeting with surprise, no matter how well known the scenario we are looking at may be. If the creation that stands before us does not amaze or disconcert us, does not awaken something new under our skin, it has lost the life that sustained its pillars. No matter how much we know about its nooks and crannies, no matter how much we have delved into its history, its lights and shadows, it must always show a crack through which the shock meets us. And through that crack enters every day Rosa Brun (Madrid, 1955), the new guest of Aurora Vigil-Escalera Art Gallery and one of the creators most committed to the need for art to keep moving, evolve and look the universe that surrounds us in the face, generating unknown and even disconcerting sensations, mapping untravelled territories.

Paché Merayo

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