Ernesto Knorr
Ernesto Knorr

Ernesto Knorr (Vitoria,1957)

Ernesto Knorr began working as a sculptor in 1978. As a disciple of a rich Basque sculptural tradition, his work drinks from the influences of the greats such as Jorge Oteiza and Eduardo Chillida, especially in the adaptation and appropriation of spatial and formal concepts. The result of years of investigation and creation is a distinctive body of work, with roots in the Spanish historical tradition and, at the same time, a strong and unique personality.

In 1982 he began a new period in Asturias, where much of his public monumental pieces are placed, although we can also find them in cities such as Madrid, Alava, Barcelona, Alicante, Valencia…

The keys of his artistic language are four: EQUILIBRIUM, the skill with which he distributes forms and geometries, as if they were suspended mid- air; the TENSION to which the artwork is subjected with its different volumes pilling up and steering the gaze towards different directions; the MOVEMENT, which seems to defy the force of gravity, as if we were in contemplating a moment frozen in time; and finally the CONTRAST, between heaviness and lightness, between the forms of the sculpture and the space around it.

Ernesto Knorr says of his work that it is born “from intuition, seeking to reflect on the aesthetics of creation, sharing subtle emotions”.

Among his numerous solo and group exhibitions are the San Tirso Museum of Sculpture in Portugal, the Wellington Hotel in Madrid, the International Art Fair in Belgium or the International Art Fair in Geneva.

Works for sale by Ernesto Knorr at Aurora Vigil-Escalera Art Gallery:

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