mico rabuñal
Mico Rabuñal

Mico Rabuñal (Arteixo, A Coruña, Spain, 1979)

The works of Mico Rabuñal stand out for their technical mastery and Pop influences. In the words of the sculptor himself, “I am inspired above all by the importance of emotional memory, sculpting in marble, granite and limestone a series of sculptures based on objects or “things” made by and for “Man”, objects which, being common to all, have an individual connotation for each one, taking each spectator through a series of memories and sensations which were sometimes thought to be forgotten but which in the subconscious are rooted in a stony form. All my sculptures are mixed technique on direct carving, seeking in the polychromy of the material the greatest realism of the object portrayed, as I am not interested in portraying only for its aesthetics, I always try to give the work a discourse with a rehearsed dialogue, from a socio-political criticism, to any kind of human behavior and with a touch of humour. I find it very interesting to reach that part of the brain where emotions and memories are found, it is the most authentic phase of the human being and by definition the most sincere”.

Works for sale by Mico Rabuñal at Aurora Vigil-Escalera Art Gallery:

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