Iván Quesada

Iván Quesada (Oviedo, 1975)

Self-taught artist Ivan Quesada is considered one of the best national portraitists and creator of contemporary figuration for his mastery of drawing, color and anatomy. His work is characterized for his creative ambition and continuous exploration of new forms and formulas.

Quesada’s work is divided in three categories among which the canvases stand out, where the painting is in constant tension to escape the traditional drawing and the explosions of color dominate each work. On the other hand, the charcoals, which were the foundations of this new stage of fast, energetic and carefree strokes, and showcase scenes full of humor and unique characters. Finally, the oil pastels are proof of his tireless work, research and knowledge of Art History; in them he reinterprets classic portraits, always with admiration and respect, starting with a faithful sketch that gradually loses the realism of the features with each new phase until he achieves the amusing faces and delicate atmospheres that are already so characteristic of his work.

Works for sale by Carlos Albert at Aurora Vigil-Escalera Art Gallery:

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