Pablo Palazuelo

Pablo Palazuelo (Madrid, 1915 – 2007)

Palazuelo is one of the main international figures in Spanish Abstract Art of the second half of the XX century. His pictorical, sculptural and engraved work (even his incursions into poetry and art theory) must be seen as a coherent whole.

The number, the drawing, the line, the plane, space and color are primordial elements at the service of geometry. The Madrid-born master had a background in architecture that influenced his painting, as well as a deep curiosity for contemporary physics and ancient and eastern philosophy, readings that accompanied him until the end of his life.

With the Pythagoreans he shared the idea that mathematics constitutes the language of Nature and the lack of such knowledge leads to the inability to know its beauty. “The operation of the points, lines, surfaces, and colors -Palazuelo declared in 1976- is long, slow, tortorus, full of errors, blindness, doubts, anguish and danger, but there are also, throughout it, peace, balance, pleasure, deep satisfaction and exhilarating freedom, because it is about encrypting the convergence of the affection of the one who paints with the feeling of nature.”

Palazuelo´s production is therefore an extension of his abstract creation through different means, which were deployed from the two-dimensional canvases and papers to the spaces of his sculptures and architectures.

Available works by Pablo Palazuelo in Aurora Vigil-Escalera Art Gallery:

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