Rosa Amores

Rosa Amores Fuente (Gijón, 1972)

Rosa Amores, a passionate visual storyteller, has dedicated her life to telling stories in diverse and creative ways. From her earliest memories, she has experimented with matter and expression to fulfill this mission. Deciding that her destiny lay in art, she graduated from the Oviedo School of Art, majoring in Illustration. This stage was fascinating, giving him access to materials and techniques that expanded his imagination and desire for knowledge.

Entering into technological change, Rosa explored 3D design, digital photography and the audiovisual world, only to return to her roots in tradition. She immersed herself in engraving, carving, modeling and traditional painting, the latter merged with digital to take advantage of all possible resources.

With this solid background, Rosa is able to create narratives in a versatile way, from classical to avant-garde or informal. Each story, according to her, requires its own technical and aesthetic approach. Sometimes, drawing predominates for a precise explanation; others, abstraction reveals the heart of the matter. At times, both combine to tell unique stories, while the three-dimensionality of her sculptures invites you to touch dreams.

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