Alejandro Bombín

Alejandro Bombín (Madrid, 1985)

The recurring themes in his work are memory and error. His approach to painting is based on information overload, transience and reproducibility, characterizing forces of the technological image in our time. Alejandro Bombin’s projects allude to the incessant confirmation of what has already been observed and to the brief validity of what has been learned, questioning the substance of perception unalterable assumptions.

His mechanical approach based on fragmented painting allows him to interweave the affective openness of color and material into processes that alludes to error in visual data transmissions. These paintings show a range of differing optical records. Moreover, we can see them as new objects that suggest emotional appropriation of a chosen image.

From this way of thinking we may come to see ordinary actions such as technological copy and conversion of an image or cognitive operations like recalling a perception in our minds, as misrepresentative phenomenons, but also as performances with  creative value.

Since getting his Fine Arts degree in 2008, Alejandro Bombin maintains an exclusive dedication to his artistic work and has multitude of relevant exhibitions behind him. His work has had special presence in Spain and American countries like Chile, Peru and Colombia. It has been shown also in the United Kingdom, France and other European countries.

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