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Diego Moya

Diego Moya (Jaén, 1943)

Throughout his extensive artistic career, Diego Moya has researched the limits and symbols of Expressionist Abstraction through multiple projects and artistic manifestations, alternating between architecture, painting, sculpture and installation. In his latest stage, he resumes work with light boxes and their quantum worlds -cubic pieces with hand-carved methacrylate sheets and a dim interior light- that he had already started in the 70s, when a grant from the Juan March Fundación makes it possible for him to investigate new materials, and for them he receives the Controversial Award from galleries in Madrid. The art critic and director of the CGAC Museum Santiago Solana writes “returning to the light boxes after many years, updating techniques, materials and also creating immersive installations, is perhaps the consequence of this constant latency and presence of the ideas that set him in motion, and of the permanence of that “sidereal” or “experimental” light in his painting, but also weighs the relevance of a historical and techno-scientific moment that allows many technical possibilities and precision, which in the 70s were unattainable since the process was more artisanal than technological”.

During his first contact with these pieces he reflected: “it was surprising to me as an initial and starting stage for an artist who had later developed as a painter (…) it is a work that clearly shows the fusion between the gestural matter of his painting and the technological-industrial. Although this duality has always been present in the work of Diego Moya, perhaps it was not easy to understand it as a central characteristic of his work, or at least that was the case for this writer, before the recovery of light boxes with the ambition to turn them into interactive, perceptive and immersive devices and not just contemplative.”

Among his prominent work are the Installation-Mural of Usera in Madrid in 1994, for which he obtained the First Prize for Interventions in Public Space; the foundation of the MEDOCC Association, which has been carrying out artistic cultural exchange programs in the Mediterranean since 1999 and for which it obtained the 14.4 Prize; and the “Gigabytes de Piedra” project which, with its successive variations, has led to exhibitions in Marrakech, Rabat, Segovia and Alcalá de Henares. His work has also taken him to museums, centers and galleries in Amsterdam, Brussels, Antwerp, Casablanca, Tetouan, Tangier, the United Arab Emirates, etc. His work is part of collections such as the RNC Foundation in Japan, the Royal Palace of Rabat, the Spanish AENA Foundation, the Antonio Pérez Foundation, the Unión Fenosa Museum in La Coruña, the Nova Caixa Galicia Foundation, the National Calcography of Madrid, the Museum of Contemporary Art of Navarra, and the Laurens A. Daane collection of the Netherlands, among others.

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