Dionisio González (Gijón, 1965)

He graduated from the University of Fine Arts in Seville. He furthered his studies in Computer-Assisted Image at the Moor Print Workshop in Devon, England, in Art Printing at the College of Art at Heriott Watt University in Edinburgh, an also he completed his studies in Film and Television at the Aula do Risco School of Advanced Arts in Lisbon.

Architecture is his main argument. His photography, based on fictitious recreations of constructions inserted into different environments, is based on the author’s deep reflection on the ways of inhabiting the contemporary city, an investigation into the ways of living in the 21st century and the relations that man establishes with the environment.

These are images taken in situ by the artist who then modifies them in his studio digitally, in a process of re-invention of suburban landscapes that are not exempt from a certain baroque style. In Dionisio González’s photography we can clearly appreciate an excellent handling of the technique of photomanipulation, of spaces and light as elements that make up an alternative reality to the universe we live in, a parallel but very real universe.

Beyond mere photomontage, his images are only part of a much longer process in which what really counts is the idea, the thought and development of the concepts that interest Dionisio, his fascination for architecture, his concern for social decadence, and the permanent search for spots where chaos and beauty coexist.

Dionisio González has received important international awards, such as the Pilar Juncosa Prize and Sotheby´s, the Pilar i Joan Miró Foundation Prize, and the European Month of Photography Arendt Award (Luxembourg), among others. His work is also present in important institutions such as the Museo Nacional Centro de Arte Reina Sofía, in Madrid, the Museum of Contemporary Photography, in Chicago, USA, or National Center of Contemporary Art in Paris, as well as in outstanding public and private collections.

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