Pablo Armesto (Schaffhausen, Switzerland, 1970)

Pablo Armesto frames his work within a geometric abstraction that evolves into a more contemporary and experimental kind of sculpture, with all that this entails in the study of the object in its three dimensions, its relationship with space and the search for new materials, such as LEDS, neons, cathodes and fiber optics, combined with the more traditional woods and lacquered metals.

Armesto has always been interested in the plasticity of the light and uses it in all its variants, from white to black, both in its absence and through the various hues it is capable of generating. His commitment to the new technologies leads him to find intriguing answers to his main concerns, and thus imbue with aesthetic and functional meanings the context of the artwork. He shows a desire to combine biology, history, technology, tradition, memory and contemporary converge.

Some of his artworks with multimedia technologies and installation, such as the titled “Sequences 24”, have been exhibited in centers such as the Karlshue ZKM Museum in Germany (2009) and the LABoral of Gijón (2008) through “Banquet, nodes and networks” with which he also made exhibitions in art centers in Brussels and France. Since 201 he, is represented by Marlborough Gallery with whom he has participated in international fairs such as Art Geneve and ARCO, as well as numerous solo and collective exhibitions. He has received numerous awards and grants among which stand out Meeting Point (Astragal Space, 2004), Interior Light (Liquid Space Gallery, 2005) and Inside, the rain (Barjola Museum, 2009).

Likewise, Pablo Armesto has taken part in numerous public art projects. Some of them are “El Cabañu” in Candás (Carreño, Asturias), “Step by step” in the Prince’s Gardens of the Royal site of Covadonga (Cangas de Onís, Asturias ), “Dreams of paper” FIB Art, (Benicasim, Castellón 2005), the Evaristo Valle Museum of Gijón or Aranda de Duero and his work is present in public and private collections such as the Government of the Principality of Asturias, the Ministry of Culture of the Principality, El Corte Inglés, Gijón’s Board of the Port, Olor Visual Collection of Barcelona, ​​BBVA Collection, Cajastur Collection, Filomena Soarez Collection and Bodegas Otazu, among others.

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