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Sergio Femar

Sergio Femar (Pontevedra, 1990)

Influenced by the changing nature of street art, Sergio Femar’s work is very aware of the matter that composes it as well as its origins. He does not approach a new piece with a fixed idea in mind, letting the experience of working on it guide him, establishing connections with the material, paying attention to its suggestions, letting the work unfold by itself. As a result, spontaneity becomes a key element when understanding his process, the features of the physical support, the colour bound to the shape or the three-dimensionality.

In his childhood in Pontevedra, Femar often wandered through spaces such as shipyards, fascinated by these already used materials but still full of possibilities. Now his work is based on found pieces of wood, reused and transformed into an artistic object. This desire to make recycling a vital part of his speech arises from concerns about the overexploitation of resources and the excessive speed with which human beings consume and dispose of things. Through his aspiration to “give objects second chances” he incorporates into his pieces a rich history that manifests itself in small shapes, indentations and textures that subtly condition its final form, the application of color, etc.

His work is characterized by a connection with the current times, with the present moment. His paintings are an amalgan of daily images that cross each other, objects he finds and transforms. This is where Sergio’s work molds to the environment and it is complemented with it as a manner to connect to the ever-changing world we live in.

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