David Morago

David Morago (Madrid, 1975)

David Morago graduated in Fine Arts from the Complutense University of Madrid and a large collection of awards such as the 1st prize at the 10th Buen Retiro Park National Painting Contest, the 1st prize at the Boadilla del Monte National Painting Contest, the 1st prize at the 22nd Drawing Contest by the Museum of the Georgio Prieto Foundation or the Acquisition Prize of the 72 Valdepeñas International Exhibition of Plastic Arts.

His production is strongly rooted in nature, replicating fauna and flora in his peculiar “cabinet of curiosities”, inspired by the Renaissance practice of collecting and displaying paintings along with minerals, botanical and zoological specimens, etc. The artist combines these two concepts to create his own chamber of wonders, in which the viewer will have access to his personal collection. His detailed iconographies are complemented by his “Books”, which are a product of his passion for archives and refer to the importance of the documentary collection of every museum.

Morago’s work stands out for the impeccable technical quality with which he portrays each animal. As well as for his practice of combining this figuration with abstract backgrounds, seemingly random spots of color and small touches that “reveal” the artifice of the work, the nature of the painting itself. The artist thus endows what would have been a perfect academic exercise in realism with a sense of humor and a brilliant imprint of personality.

He has had individual and group exhibitions both nationally (Madrid, Santander, Barcelona, ​​Vigo) and internationally (France, Portugal, Canada). In addition to having participated in numerous fairs throughout his career: Singapore International Contemporary Art Fair, Malaysia International Contemporary Art Fair, ARTMADRID and Barcelona Artexpo, among others.

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