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Jorge Hernandez

Jorge Hernández (Huelva, 1973)

Hernández’s paintings portray iconic scenes inspired by pop art and classic Hollywood. Characters in 60s, 70s and 80s fashion populate vast landscapes and modern architectures wrapped in an air of mystery reminiscent of cinema noir and directors like Hitchcock and Kubrick. Through his talent for confronting decontextualized elements within his acrylic paintings with the use of established storytelling conventions and his sense of composition, strongly marked by a narrative purpose, his paintings come alive in the audience’s imagination. The use of a glossy resin to cover the artwork gives the final painting a timeless and almost dreamlike appearance, that furthers its connection to the silver screen.

Jorge Hernández always starts his paintings through the landscape, in whose pictorial construction we locate the picturesque style that captures the sensitive, the delicate and intimate that can be found with great care inside the greatness, generally embodied in the mountains. The second step of the process has the characters settling in and adopt their dramatic gestures, movements and expressions. The glamor of the golden cinema is, through the paintbrush of the artist, tinted with modernity, sensuality and irony.

Hernández has taken part in frequent exhibitions in Madrid, Barcelona, ​​Seville, San Sebastián… and outside of Spain in Switzerland, Belgium, England, London, Portugal, France and Brussels among others. It has also been present at fairs such as Summa Art Fair, ARCO, Just Mad, ForoSur Cáceres and the Lisbon Art Fair.

Lastly, Jorge Hernández has numerous awards and scholarships to his credit, among them the Vázquez Díaz Scholarship that was awarded to him by the Huelva Provincial Council in 2012, the Honorable Mention of the Ramón Portillo International Painting Contest in Motril in 2015, the First Prize in the International Painting Competition of Fuente de Álamao in 2015 or the First Prize in the LIX National Painting Hall of the City of Ayamonte in 2016.

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