Pablo Genovés

Pablo Genovés (Madrid, 1959)

Pablo Genovés’ work uses images -sometimes appropriated from old prints and photographs found in markets and antique dealers in Europe, other times taken by himself- and transforms them through digital techniques, mixing them with other images and previously painted canvases. This symbiosis, between a pre-existing reality and another created by the author, shows a desire to transcend the artistic disciplines to create an image that appears, at the same time, familiar and strange. A dialogue of elements that explores the concepts of “reality” and “falsehood” in art, and among them Genovés finds the means to express himself and give pictures a new meaning.

These fictions are presented as palaces, theaters and cathedrals invaded by violent bodies of water. The indominable Nature bursts into these symbols of culture and reflections of power in theatrical compositions that pose a metaphor for the disappearance of human civilization. His transforming imagination reflects on the beauty of ruin, of the unstoppable and the sublime, the force of change frozen at the peak, the wave that rises just before breaking. The silence that precedes the overwhelming effigy invites us to meditate on the passage of time, the reliability of our memories and the durability of images.

Pablo Genovés is one of the most internationally renown Spanish photographers, having worked in London, Berlin and Madrid, and exhibited in France, Belgium, the Philippines, Houston and New York. His work has been presented in PhotoEspaña, Estampa, ARCO and Abu Dhabi Art Fair, among others, and is part of collections such as APERTURE Foundation, CAC Collection (Contemporary Art Centro in Málaga), Pilar Citoler Collection, Rosa Olivares Collection and the Collection of Contemporary Photography of “La Fábrica” ​​(Madrid). 

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