Alejandro Bombín

Alejandro Bombín (Madrid, 1985) The recurring themes in his work are memory and error. His approach to painting is based on information overload, transience and reproducibility, characterizing forces of the technological image in our time. Alejandro Bombin’s projects allude to the incessant confirmation of what has already been observed and to the brief validity of […]

Rafael Canogar

Rafael Canogar (Toledo, 1935) Rafael Canogar is a key figure in the History of Contemporary Spanish Art as a founding member of the El Paso group (1957-1960) and a pioneer and representative of various artistic styles. From a very young age, his aptitude for drawing and oil painting granted him an apprenticeship with Vázquez Díaz […]

Francisco Farreras

Francisco Farreras (Barcelona, 1927 – Madrid, 2021) A key figure in the Spanish abstract avant-garde of the second half of the 20th century. His work is characterized by volumetric play and the physicality of the piece, the sobriety and formal refinement, the austere chromaticism and the incorporation of extra-pictorial materials such as sewn fabrics and […]

Luis Feito

Luis Feito (Madrid, 1929 – 2021) During seven decades of artistic production, Luis Feito positioned himself as one of the great promoters of culture in Spain and an indispensable figure in Contemporary Art History. In 1957 he founded the group El Paso along with other artists such as Saura, Millares and Canogar, with whom he […]

Juan Ugalde

Juan Ugalde (Bilbao, 1958) Ugalde began to exhibit his artworks in the 80s and lived for several years in New York. Between 1989 and 1992 he was part of the Estrujenbank artistic collective, dedicated to a politically committed art, with the artist Patricia Gadea and the poet Dionisio Cañas, among others. His solo work leads […]


Albano (Ávila, 1988) Albano Hernández, or simply Albano, is a Basque painter established in London. Bachelor in Fine Arts from the Complutense University of Madrid, he has been the recipient of multiple honors and awards since the beginning of his career such as the BMW, the First Prize at the Biennial of Fine Arts in […]

Juan Barjola

Juan Barjola (Badajoz, 1919 – Madrid, 2004) Juan Barjola is considered one of the most relevant Spanish painters in the second half of the 20th century in Spain. Linked to Asturias by his marriage to Honesta Hernández, he donated a large amount of his work to the city of Gijón and, in 1988, the City […]

Eduardo Chillida

  Eduardo Chillida (San Sebastián, 1924 – 2012) Eduardo Chillida, sculptor, writer and academic, is considered to be one of the most influential Basque artists of the 20th century and the highest representative of the so-called Informalist Sculpture movement in Spain. Within his work -both sculptural and graphic- Chillida defined spaces, creating holes and exploring the […]

Martín Chirino

Martín Chirino (Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, 1925 – Madrid, 2019) Martín Chirino was one of the most prominent Spanish sculptors of recent decades. In 1958 he joined the “El Paso” group, founded by Antonio Saura, Manolo Millares and Rafael Canogar among others. At that time Chirino encountered what would become his leitmotif and allegorical reason […]


Isabel Esteva: Colita, (Barcelona, 1940)   Colita owes her name to her father, who told her that she was born under a cabbage plant (Col in Spanish), as did so many children of her time. Feisty woman, Colita has followed her city’s trace in addition to the trace of those who have made it what it has become: her […]

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