Carlos Albert

Carlos Albert (Madrid, 1978) Madrid-born sculptor Carlos Albert began his formation in 1999 with Martín Chirino, from whom he not only learned the technique and sculptural conception, but also helped him discover new paths in his artistic creation. In that same year, he created along with other artists “Group 99”, which praised “the traditional values […]

Rosa Amores

Rosa Amores Fuente (Gijón, 1972) Rosa Amores, a passionate visual storyteller, has dedicated her life to telling stories in diverse and creative ways. From her earliest memories, she has experimented with matter and expression to fulfill this mission. Deciding that her destiny lay in art, she graduated from the Oviedo School of Art, majoring in […]

Paula Anta

Paula Anta (Madrid, 1977) Paula Anta inhabits the landscape through her photography. She is always looking for its mysteries, bewitched by a desire that does not let her remain at rest when faced with the existence of something that escapes her. There is a determination in the way of stalling in that place, a choice […]

Pablo Armesto

Pablo Armesto (Schaffhausen, Switzerland, 1970) Pablo Armesto’s work is framed within a geometric abstraction that evolves into a more contemporary and experimental kind of sculpture. Delving into the study of the object in its three dimensions, its relationship with space and the search for new materials, such as LEDS, neons, cathodes and fiber optics, which […]

Ana Barriga

Ana Barriga (Jerez de la Frontera, 1984) Ana Barriga, Bachelor of Fine arts by the University of Seville, currently lives and works in Madrid. She works with mixed media, using oil, enamel, felt pen, and spray, which she uses as an act of vandalism towards her own paintings, a hallmark of all her work. In […]

Alejandro Bombín

Alejandro Bombín (Madrid, 1985) The recurring themes in his work are memory and error. His approach to painting is based on information overload, transience and reproducibility, characterizing forces of the technological image in our time. Alejandro Bombin’s projects allude to the incessant confirmation of what has already been observed and to the brief validity of […]

Rosa Brun

Rosa Brun (Madrid, 1955) Rosa Brun studied Fine Arts at the Complutense University of Madrid and obtained a Doctorate at the University of Granada, where she currently works as Professor of Painting. Her work addresses the pictorial problems within the new avenues brought by the Abstract Art of the nineties in Spain. Since the end […]

Juan Manuel Castro Prieto

Juan Manuel Castro Prieto (Madrid, 1958) Like so many other artists, the beginnings of National Photography Award winner Juan Manuel Castro Prieto are separated from art. Nevertheless, his creative genius and passion soon prevail and he finds his path away from his studies in economics to focus on photography. In his self-taught beginnings he works […]

Rafael Canogar

Rafael Canogar (Toledo, 1935) Rafael Canogar is a key figure in the History of Contemporary Spanish Art as a founding member of the El Paso group (1957-1960) and a pioneer and representative of various artistic styles. From a very young age, his aptitude for drawing and oil painting granted him an apprenticeship with Vázquez Díaz […]

Francisco Farreras

Francisco Farreras (Barcelona, 1927 – Madrid, 2021) A key figure in the Spanish abstract avant-garde of the second half of the 20th century. His work is characterized by volumetric play and the physicality of the piece, the sobriety and formal refinement, the austere chromaticism and the incorporation of extra-pictorial materials such as sewn fabrics and […]

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