Carlos Albert

Carlos Albert (Madrid, 1978) Madrid-born sculptor Carlos Albert began his formation in 1999 with Martín Chirino, from whom he not only learned the technique and sculptural conception, but also helped him discover new paths in his artistic creation. In that same year, he created along with other artists “Group 99”, which praised “the traditional values […]

Rosa Amores

Rosa Amores Fuente (Gijón, 1972) I want to tell stories the way stories need to be told, so for as long as I can remember, but not as long as I can remember, I have experimented with matter and expression to carry out this task. Looking for training, since I decided that this was the […]

Pablo Armesto

Pablo Armesto (Schaffhausen, Switzerland, 1970) Pablo Armesto’s work is framed within a geometric abstraction that evolves into a more contemporary and experimental kind of sculpture. Delving into the study of the object in its three dimensions, its relationship with space and the search for new materials, such as LEDS, neons, cathodes and fiber optics, which […]

Ana Barriga

Ana Barriga (Jerez de la Frontera, 1984) Ana Barriga, Bachelor of Fine arts by the University of Seville, currently lives and works in Madrid. She works with mixed media, using oil, enamel, felt pen, and spray, which she uses as an act of vandalism towards her own paintings, a hallmark of all her work. In […]

Rosa Brun

Rosa Brun (Madrid, 1955) Rosa Brun studied Fine Arts at the Complutense University of Madrid and obtained a Doctorate at the University of Granada, where she currently works as Professor of Painting. Her work addresses the pictorial problems within the new avenues brought by the Abstract Art of the nineties in Spain. Since the end […]

Juan Manuel Castro Prieto

Juan Manuel Castro Prieto (Madrid, 1958) Like so many other artists, the beginnings of National Photography Award winner Juan Manuel Castro Prieto are separated from art. Nevertheless, his creative genius and passion soon prevail and he finds his path away from his studies in economics to focus on photography. In his self-taught beginnings he works […]

Luis Feo

Luis Feo (Toledo, 1975) The works of Luis Feo reveal a technical perfection only within the reach of very few artists. His hyperrealism is based on his great mastery of graphite and airbrush, layers and layers of varnish, his observation of the environment -found images and photographs taken by himself-, and his imagination that synthesizes […]

Gonzalo García

Gonzalo García (Gijón, 1966) His path as a sculptor began in the early 1990s when García attended “L’Europe D’Art D’Art” in Niort (France). There, a totem became his first work to be presented to the public. From there on, geometric abstractions, performance, installations and even teaching sculpture courses for the Spanish Ministry of Culture characterize […]

Gorka García

Goka García Herrera (Jerez de la Frontera, Cádiz, 1982) Gorka García is one of the gallery’s youngest artists, whose work depicts uninhabited landscapes in which the poetics of the ruin and a deep compositional and formal analysis are the common denominator. Gorka’s work tries to deepen and reflect on the existing relationship between the various […]

Juan Genovés

Juan Genovés (Valencia, 1930 – Madrid, 2020) To speak of Juan Genovés is to speak of the recent History of Spain. His firm belief in an ever-changing and compromised art led him to take part in some of the most significant cultural groups of the Spanish post-war scene: Los Siete (1949), Parpallós (1956) and Hondo […]

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